Hire me

I'm always interested in applying my experience in a variety of fields and sectors to new projects. I'm available for hire as a freelance software developer and consultant. My past experience is in the following areas, sorted by experience:

  • Native Android development (Kotlin, Java, C++, Gradle)
  • Front-end web development (JS, React, HTML5, webpack, babel)
  • Back-end development (Java, Python, JS/Node)
  • Security Research / Pen-testing / Reverse Engineering (Java/Kotlin, Javascript, Android native, Encryption)
  • Databases (Mysql/Mariadb, MS SQL, MongoDB, Liquibase)
  • Development process consulting (workflow setup, CI, code reviews, agile)
  • Embedded / pervasive computing (IoT, pub-sub / MQTT, Bluetooth LE, low-energy, big data)
  • Architect (Big data, reliability, stack consulting)
  • Coaching and consulting (Developer courses, workflows, SCM)

Get in touch: business@kevin-read.com or +49 173 7404977